Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Best Year-end Regrets

It's exactly 6 days, 2 hours, and 4 minutes before we'll all throw our 2012 calendars away. Yep, 2013 is coming and the end of the World is postponed until further notice. To all doomsday preppers out there, better luck next time. I bet most of us will watch the movie 2012 in hilarity, including myself!

Well, here we are again, about to start a new year. To many, new year is symbolic and to others, it's just another good-for-one-day event. I want to look at it as a chance to look back and move forward. The good thing about New Year, except from restarting my number of tardiness to zero in my workplace, is you get to make lists like this. Listing is fun! So I'm going to do it now before I hit the sack. Here are the things that I should have and shouldn't have done in 2012:

1. I should have blogged more. Seriously, this blog is made for a reason and it's almost a year-old now but I only have a total of 5 posts including this one. Well, that sucks. It's not as if I don't have time because it's always there waiting to get managed. It's just that my mind is a bit preoccupied. There are too many concerns to think everyday that I failed to hit the keys for this.

2. I shouldn't have made another Tagged account. Tagged is a dangerous place. Period.

3. I should have practiced my hand writing. Sometimes, technology deteriorates penmanship. I don't have the best handwriting in the world but I must say my penmanship before was more legible than what it is today. What a waste!

4. I should have saved more. I screwed up a bit on financial management this year. I know you'll forgive me if I say that I'm a freshman when it comes to home management, and man, it's hard! Salute to all breadwinners, home makers, and to people who are both!

5. I shouldn't have gave in to the temptation of food. It's always my illusion that I have a favorable metabolism. Looks like I have to wake up to the reality that I'm born with "fat genes". I'm not blaming the bloodline or whatever, it's just that I failed to adjust to what has been given to me. Oh the glory of eating and not getting fat! Why won't you be mine?

6. I should have slept more in a day. With the kind of work and hobby I have, sleep is a luxury. In 2013 I swear I'll sleep more especially during weekends. I guess this is the reason why I feel tired and weary most of the time. Stress kills, and sleep is the cure.

7. I shouldn't have loved dangerously. I'm always the daredevil when it comes to experiences. The love for life, the love for something, and the love for someone can sometimes derail me from doing what should be done. It's always a bad idea to give in too easily but when you do, make sure you can stand by your decisions and take consequences whole-heartily.

8. I should have traveled more, like out of town or something. My Moalboal experience is my first act of rebellion, as what others should call it. I call it stepping up and there should be more of it next year.

9. I should have read more. I might catch up on my reading next year. I bought more than 10 books this year but I only finished 2. What a loser!

10. I should have made history. Social media can take you far, I should have grabbed this opportunity to be BIG (not in size but in ideals), like being a martyr or something, just kidding! But seriously, if you want to be anonymously famous, the Internet is the place to go.

I may have more year-end regrets (about a hundred of them!) but I choose not to publish more. Who knows? You're a 13-year old reading this post, and my other regrets are just not age-appropriate! :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Blissful and Blessed New Year!

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