Sunday, 3 February 2013

Meanwhile, Last Saturday...

Being young at heart, mind, and body is the best opportunity for people to take advantage of the world. When you're young, you can name a hundred and one things to do for three days, more so if you're financially capable.

Last Saturday is a celebration for young professionals and all freelancers who are speeding up their way to earn $$$. Yeah baby!

Virtual Staff Finder's Location63 (which is by the way responsible for my payslips) conducted a free seminar for all aspiring virtual assistants (VA) and those who want to improve their content marketing skills. What made it really special is I got two of my friends with me as attendees!

It's their first time going to our office as most of the other VA's. While they are not BPO virgins, I don't think they fully grasped the idea of what I do at work so I guess that seminar made them understand me better and I hope it convinced them to try freelancing online one day.

It's Sexy Being a VA!

I don't know if most of you felt it, but being a VA is somehow becoming a trend. Just like iPhone5, Gov. Gwen, and Justin Beiber, it's cool and timely being an online assistant these days. Not only that you can get your salary tax free but also you can have the schedule flexibility you've always wanted.

                             A panoramic perspective of L63's office.

But if you're not really into work-from-home and you find simple joys in commuting on PUJ's everyday (like me!), you can still become a virtual assistant. If your virtual employer lets you work in a coworking space in Cebu, then you're one lucky guy!

Not everyone has the opportunity to work in a wacky and youthful coworking space. It's like being in an office and working at home all at the same time. Not cool enough yet?

What if I told you, you get to have free unlimited Italian brewed coffee all freakin' day and a ridiculously fast WiFi connection?

These are just a few of the many perks of becoming a VA. Why not become one right now?

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