Thursday, 22 August 2013

Para kanino ka bumabangon?

Sa hinaba-haba ng prusisyon, sa eskwalahan din ang tuloy.

It's been a long 3 and 1/2 years of company hopping, job changing, and soul searching. Finally, I could see the reason why CNU made me one of its alumna, and PRC, one of its LET board passers. From now on, I won't have the worries of people asking me: "nganung wa pa man ka nag maestra day?" when asked about my job. I no longer need to explain what SEO means or where does my written articles go. I don't even have to worry about BPO stereotypes, because I'm no longer one of them.

But do I get to escape these time-wasting questions with my new found career? No. In fact, people have the worst misinterpretations of a special education class, that I'm quite confused whether I should laugh at the widespread ignorance or show what my students can do right at their very faces. Extreme as it seems, you can never take away the feeling of desperation for a teacher like me to make others understand that our special children are not who they think they are. In fact, this over-generalization is contradictory to the term "special."

The first time I had a hands-on teaching session with them, I felt like being a 4th year college practice teacher once again, handling materials for the first time, talking to class for the first time, explaining for the first time, and being a commander/mother for the first time. It's a moment where there's a need to have a 360 degrees transition from being a 3-year office girl and 2-month bum to a lifetime educator. You don't need to ask me if there was any pressure, because it's beyond explanation. But is there any regret? Absolutely none!

I'm just happy that I already have the answer to this question from an epic coffee commercial: "Para kanino ka buabangon?"

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