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The Mooon Travelers: Pic reviews of Mooon Cafe Restaurant in Parkmall, Cebu City

There's no other thing that could make an average employee happy (like me) than to have a Friday payday. It's party baby! No, it's not the "party" that you have in mind; I'm talking about food trip. Food party! Last night was a blast especially when I spent it with two of the coolest office mates I had in my entire professional life. We were planning about it for a week and choosing Mooon Cafe is certainly not a regret. Before we'll share to you our palate experiences, here's the cast: 

This is Ann
This is Momi Gen

Where am I? You can take a look at my profile if you want *wink, wink* 

The Mooon Cafe restaurant is a Mexican resto with three branches all over Cebu: one in Guadalupe, Ayala Terraces, and Parkmall. 

We arrived there at around 7pm and it's not a surprise to see the resto fully occupied because, again, it's payday. The expectation made us a bit patient, while we waited for an available table. When we found our place, we immediately asked for the menu. There are a lot of delectable selections but these are what our eyes favored:

Chicken Mozzarella

Pasta Carbonara

Mooon Steak


 It's our first time dining in this restaurant and it would be interesting to try something we don't usually have. Sure we can eat pasta, steak, and chicken anytime we like, but it's not about the food itself, it's the "kick" in the food. For instance, you can have dozens of breaded chicken in your plate, but there could only be one which can impress you. If you're passionate about food, you know what I'm talking about ;)

First, their pasta carbonara is like no other! There's a garlicky taste that you couldn't help but remember (it's the only pasta carbonara I had with a garlic aftertaste). It is delicious, but if you're not into strong tasting spices, I recommend other pasta variety such as "Spaghetti ala Moon" which follows your traditional home made spaghetti with a Mexican personality.

Their breaded chicken sounded more like pizza, but it didn't get away with the all-time-favorite chicken taste, only better. I personally like mozzarella in various dishes and having it as highlight in a chicken recipe makes it more interesting. The meat was fried just right; no premature cooking, bloody, and oily elements. In other words, perfect. Speaking of perfection, I couldn't say anything less to the calamares recipe. I'm a calamari fan but this one convinced me to go back over and over again until I get tired of squid (which I probably won't). Some calamari dishes are gummy (which I hate). It stops the momentum of tasting a supposed-to-be delectable food. 

Let's get to the steak. As a meat lover, it would be peculiar for me not to like steak. The steak was OK, not bad but not distinct as well. Though the meat is not hard to chew at all, it would be difficult for you to appreciate. I've tasted a variety of steaks in Cebu, which is probably why I don't get easily impressed.

For some refreshing "panulaks," we had 2 glasses of iced tea and a pineapple juice for Momi Gen. 

The drinks were normal and I have a strong feeling that our iced tea was the regular litro pack you can buy at any convenience store. Sorry about that Mooon, but I think you need to reinvent your best selling beverages, just to be different. The image below was not in our list. It's just that the containers are so cute, we can't help but order. Didn't taste the blueberry desert, but I think their leche flan was fab!...if only they can make it bigger than a shot glass size.

Blueberry Desert and Leche Flan

The Mooon Ambiance: Cozy and weirdly beautiful
With just about Php 1,000.00 you and your friends can have a great and full Friday night!  I heard about other dishes in Mooon and I will definitely come back for another round! ;) 

Mooon Cafe accommodates reservations and drop in restaurant goers. If you plan to go on a peak season, say payday or holiday, making a reservation would be more ideal. The Mooon Cafe branch we went to was in  Enclave Bldg. D - 4-6B, Parkmall Mandaue City. You can contact them at 505-3965. 


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