Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Food was Here, I'm pretty sure about it

Sometimes, I can be so impulsive and the day would die if I'm not able to do what I want. So when I woke up early one morning and thought about that Sunburst branch on my way to work, I grabbed my cam for a little anticipation for real time documentation.

Skype group chat is love. We create mysteries there. What we normally talk about is history, but what's not to disregard is our chance to talk about dinner dates and lunch outs. And so we have decided out of that spontaneous, early morning thoughts: we're knocking down crispy pata. By the way, this isn't just the same old food tripping, it's a welcome party for our newest group chat member Trina! She's the newly hired web designer of our team and the latest addition to our group chat sessions. Sorry pal, but you just got to follow the biotchness. Forgive me for the term, I just can't help it. Before anything else...

R.I.P to the hog who died twice...

...and to the food which was here.

The Gang...
They're just incredible. Thanks guys for cheering me while I was taking pics of the food and the whole thing. You get into my nerves sometimes, though. haha!
Jazz "the gurl" herself

Trina the L2S Newbie 
Momi Gen the Lunch Out Person
Me? Oh don't bother for pics of me in this post. I simply want to make myself hidden for a change.

Sunburst ambiance impressed me. It's classy looking for an average priced restaurant. Hands down to whoever the interior designer was. There were interesting pieces you could feast your eyes on while waiting for the food to be served. Plus, there were not a lot of people when we came, so that adds up to the comfy feeling we had.

          (above) Porcelain wall decors of Sunburst; The place when we were there (below)

 If I could remember perfectly, it was 12:15 when we arrived to the place; a little late for a typical lunch time. So it's forgivable that we were all starving, hit the menu and choose the best variety good for the stomach and pocket.

As I've said in my previous post I have always been a calamares fan. It's not a wonder why I look for it every time I open a menu from Filipino-themed restaurants. It was an "OK" calamares for appetizer, but I wouldn't want it to be on the main course (which I usually prefer). It's too bland and it can't compete with their flavorful crispy pata. For all those passionate carnivores out there, you got to try this Sunburst specialty. Yes, it was served later than the rest of the dishes but it was worth the wait. I can honestly say to you right now that I'm making myself hungry by reminiscing the crisp of the outer layer and the tenderness of the meat itself. It was just heaven in a steaming 1:45 pm. 
Calamares and Vinegar
Crispy Pata 

If you're into balanced meal like us, include their chopseuy selection in your choices. Not only that it's healthy, but also pacifies the full-flavored crispy pata. Unlike the chopseuy we make at home, the veggies still look and taste fresh. It's half-cooked but you can certainly taste the distinct flavor of each ingredient. Coupled with shrimp, fishballs, and tiny cuts of pork, you're good to go with this veggie recipe. 
Of course we wouldn't forget about drinks. It wasn't that special, but it concluded the an hour of succeeding starvation and feast. 

Iced Tea and Pineapple Juice
Mango Shake
For only PhP 1000, you and your friends can have a great lunch out together in a clean, well-organized place. Over all, I recommend this place for family gatherings, reunions, getting-to-know-each-other kind of dates, and for casual occasions like what we had (e.g. payday celebration, because everybody is suppose to be merry on paydays). Visit Sunburst A.S. Fortuna branch and we might just see each other. We're definitely pigging out again there very soon!

Sunburst A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City branch

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