Saturday, 16 February 2013

First Date with Malakius

You don't get to date Malakius everyday. Well, at least not for me. I feel that it's too rewarding for someone so undeserving, too good to be true.

Just when you thought I'm dating someone again, I hate to tell you that Malakius is more of an "it" than a "he." 

It's like this: I got bored and tired waiting for my turn at the NBI service center. It was a scorching midday and I feel that I lost all my energy to wait for another hour. I don't want all my efforts put to waste so I preferred to wait for another hour, spend my last extra 150, and sat down in Malakius Art Kaffe for anything frosty. 

Left: Unmixed   Right: Mixed
I honestly think that their blended iced latte is better than any coffee I've ever tasted. Smooth, full, and won't give you the sugar rush. It's just latte as how it should be. Plus, they had it on a pretty and sexy tall glass which made it even more appetizing. 

I'm glad that the place lived up to it's title as an "art cafe." See that bowl with colorful rolled pieces of paper inside? They have something like this when you open it:

Tada! The Word of God and a glass of a refreshing iced coffee! What a way to stretch my patience. 

I can remember so well how that day ended and it was a good thing I had something so refreshing beforehand. If I hadn't, I'm literally going to burst with all the stress molecules in my system. 

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