Monday, 6 June 2016


I'd love to be close to you.
As much as I can get close
To a photograph.

In a way
that I could count the fine lines,
the pores,
and how your iris dilates
when I come close.
How you inhale
Or exhale
In a minute,
and if the number changes
When I'm a little more than
3 feet away.

I want to know
the way your sweaty hair
Drops the dew on your temples
On the sides of your face.
I want to count those
so I could remember you.

You sound like my 1st grade handwriting.
So many stops,
so many slashes and dashes,
So many of those,
So many interlude that hums I hear.
Mimics a song unheard for years.

I want to be close to you
Either like the pages of a book
New or torn or tattered
It doesn't even matter much
When your surface and mine touch,
For a minute seemed years
I want to remember

But as I stare at you
With defined spaces in between,
I can only close what's left.
After all we have always been close,

Of a different kind.

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